bye bye weekend zero sugar drink mix for brain gut liver health after weekend drink powder
Bye Bye Weekend Sample Pack
Bye Bye Weekend Sample Pack
Bye Bye Weekend Sample Pack
Bye Bye Weekend Sample Pack
Bye Bye Weekend Sample Pack
Bye Bye Weekend Sample Pack

Bye Bye Weekend Sample Pack

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2 Stick Sample Pack: try it for a weekend!

Say Bye-Bye  👋 to occasional bloating, indigestion, brain fog, & fatigue leftover from a fun weekend!  The FIRST EVER recovery drink that has electrolytes, vitamins, AND probiotics. Mix 1 packet with 16 ounces of water & feel RESTORED!
💧 Hydrate FASTER than water alone
🌿 Liver Cleanse with Milk Thistle
 🦠 Gut Recovery with Probiotics
🧠 Mental Boost & Reduce Stress
DELICIOUS 🍋 Lemonade Drink Mix  ❌ ZERO Calories


Mix with 16 oz. of water and drink after a night out or cheat meal.


Replenish lost electrolytes and vitamins with just 1 serving!


Restore your gut health with probiotics.

love your mondays say bye bye to a weekend full of drinks sugar and food

Customer Reviews


This has become my go-to after a girls night or a heavy carb dinner! I used to lay in bed all day with a headache after drinking but now I feel as good as new the next day!

San Diego, CA

I can’t go 1 weekend without these now. I like that it’s more than just electrolytes - I feel like I can detox from a busy weekend with these! Plus, the price is great compared to other drink packets on the market.

Tampa, FL

At 36 years old, I just don’t recover like I did in my 20s. If i overdo it on a big night out, my headache and fatigue can last for days. Now that I found Bye Bye Weekend, I feel back to normal the next morning!

Boulder, CO

I need to be on my A-game on Monday mornings, but I still like to enjoy my weekends! Now I can finally do both - I don’t struggle getting through my Mondays anymore!

Austin, TX

These saved my life on my last vacation! I drank this at night after dinner & drinks, and woke up feeling energized & clear."

Charlotte, NC

Got Questions?

Take the morning after drinking, cheat meals, or just any disruption in routine (sleep/stress/travel). However, you can take this anytime you want - take it before bed for a better morning, or be proactive and take it before going out! 

You should start to feel benefits within the first hour. If you need an extra boost, you can use another packet after 1-2 hours. Over the next 24+ hours, your body will experience gut and liver health benefits from our probiotics, lion's mane, & dandelion root.

DEFINITELY! In fact, why wouldn’t you?? These ingredients are amazing for you and can be taken for a daily health boost, not just after the weekend. 

Our drink mix is more than just electrolytes - we're PACKED with natural ingredients for your health - including vitamins (yellow color), Lion's Mane & Milk Thistle (brown natural color), & much much more. We only rely on natural flavors and contain NO artificial coloring or sweeteners, which gives our drink mix a more natural color than other mixes.  

It has LESS SODIUM than other popular electrolyte drinks – given it’s for a much different purpose. High sodium intake is great if you are recovering from an illness (diarrhea/vomiting) or from intense exercise which can cause electrolyte imbalances.  However, social drinking has minimal impact on electrolyte levels. Also, “cheat meals” are usually LOADED with sodium and the last thing you need after the weekend is MORE salt. The electrolytes in Bye-Bye weekend are enough to help with hydration, but also includes probiotics, vitamins, and herbs that support liver, gut, and brain health.

No! Bye Bye Weekend contains 0mg of caffeine, but we do provide a natural energy & brain boost from GABA & Lion’s Mane. 


Meet the Founder

"My pledge is to set the GOLD STANDARD for what you & your family should expect from natural products... so you can spend less time worried about health and more time feeling GOOD!"