A Clinical Approach to Weekend Detox


The most effective ingredients at clinically studied doses so you can get the MOST benefits possible. Formulated, trusted, and even USED by top doctors! 


No artificial sweeteners or additives.  We use high purity steviol glycosides (i.e. Stevia) as a natural sweetener extracted from a plant (not synthetically made in a lab like sucralose.


SO much more than hydration! Liver, gut, brain health are paramount to feeling your BEST - which is why we also use probiotics, vitamins, & herbs (Lion’s Mane, Milk Thistle, & more) in one comprehensive drink mix.


Unlike recovering from an illness or intensive activity, social drinking has minimal impact on electrolyte levels. Not to mention, ”cheat meals” over the weekend are usually LOADED with sodium! For this reason, we use less sodium than typical electrolyte drinks, but enough to help you hydrate.

Founder & Formulator

Meet Dr. Stephanie

Who DOESN’T break their routine on the weekend? Take it from me – a mom, business owner, and pharmacist who wants to have fun on the weekend but still stay productive.

Naturally (no pun intended 😉), I wanted a clinical based approach to recovery; A comprehensive solution to the problem of why you don’t feel good the next morning with effective ingredients at doses that work.

This is NOT a “me-too” hydration drink. Think of it as your favorite hydration drink (with ZERO sugar & LESS sodium) meets probiotics, vitamins, & herbs that help your liver, gut, & brain rebound. Whether that’s from drinking, sugar, cheat meals, lack of sleep – or anything that disrupted your ”routine”.

Detox, Replenish, & Restore with us!